Every year, our homes endure fierce snow storms, raucous thunderstorms, and billowing winds

but the power connection, on the other hand, cannot always withstand the extremes of Southeastern Ohio’s climate. In those situations, we're left with rotting food, flooded basements or frozen pipes — sometimes all three!

Ables can deliver a more efficient, superior alternative to loud, unsightly portable generators with several options for you to choose from. The Kohler Standby Home Generator installed by Ables, Inc. provides whisper quiet function and ample power automatically with no refueling, no headaches and no hassle. We are also an authorized distributor of the commercial and residential standby generators manufactured by Generac Power Systems, Inc. Standby units provide 24/7 monitoring and automatic backup power whenever an outage occurs. Our factory-certified personnel will assist you in selecting the appropriate generator for your home and provide complete installation, startup and natural gas certification and hookup, as well as on-site training and scheduled maintenance.

A residential generator can typically be installed in one day, and provide security for a lifetime.

Annual and semi-annual maintenance of your standby generator will give you the peace of mind knowing that any time you are faced with a power outage your generator is ready to step-in and supply necessary power to your home. The consequence of a power outage can exceed 10-times the cost of regular maintenance.

Generator Preventative Maintenance

Improperly maintained generators, transfer switches and other generator parts provide a false sense of security. Preventative maintenance is essential in assuring system availability. We have developed maintenance practices that meet or exceed manufacturer recommendations. Our comprehensive inspections focus on early detection of problems, as well as oil and filter changes. Standard operating procedures guide our technicians, each of whom are encouraged to take whatever time necessary to thoroughly evaluate the generator and its surrounding sub-systems. Our maintenance agreements are a way to ensure your generator will be operating properly when you need it most.

Scheduled Maintenance

Ables, Inc. offers service contracts customized to your specific generator needs. Protect your investment with routine maintenance to ensure continued reliable operation of your equipment when you need it most.

Semi-Annual Maintenance Agreements

A technician will come out twice during the 12-month period. At one visit the unit will have a complete oil change and inspection. The technician will change the oil, air and oil filters. Meanwhile, the technician will run the generator and check to make sure everything is working properly in the unit. An inspection of the transfer switch is also included. The second visit the technician will complete a full inspection on the unit, checking to make sure everything is working properly and putting the generator under a connected-load test. An inspection of the transfer switch is also included.

Tips For Maintaining Your Standby Generator

Below is a checklist of routine maintenance for home standby generators. Keeping accurate record of your generator maintenance is highly recommended.

Periodic Maintenance

Performed By You, The Homeowner

  • Keep the areas surrounding the generator clean of debris
  • Verify that the unit cycles weekly and there are no warning lights
  • Check inside and around the unit for signs of rodents nesting
  • Check that the circuit breaker is closed
  • Make sure there are no visible signs of fluid leaks
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Semi-Annual Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance By An Ables, Inc. Factory Trained Technician

  • Inspect the enclosure
  • Check the battery electrolyte level and specific gravity
  • Check battery cables and connections
  • Inspect drive belts
  • Inspect the coolant heater
  • Check coolant lines and connections
  • Check for fuel leaks and inspect fuel system hoses and connectors
  • Inspect the exhaust system, muffler and exhaust pipe
  • Check and clean air cleaner units
  • Inspect air induction piping and connections
  • Inspect the DC electrical system, control panel and accessories
  • Inspect the AC wiring and accessories
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Annual Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance By An Ables, Inc. Factory Trained Technician

  • Change oil and filter
  • Change the fuel filter
  • Change the air filter
  • Change the spark plugs
  • Check the coolant concentration
  • Flush the cooling system (as needed)
  • Perform load bank testing
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Below are some of the services we can provide you with:

At A Glance

Generators provide

  • Endless power for all devices and systems in the home
  • 10 second response time before automatically restoring power
  • Self-testing to ensure it’s ready when you need it
  • Quiet operation
  • Connects to your natural gas line – no gasoline needed
  • 5 year parts warranty
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How Does It Work?

A standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside your house and comes on automatically – whether you’re home or away – all within seconds of a power outage. Plus home generators run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling.

Power Your Entire Home!

  • Fridge / Freezer - Blackouts lead to sour milk, rotted veggies, spoiled meat and a lot of wasted money, but it doesn’t have to! Solve the problem at the source.
  • Electronics - Whether for video streaming, web browsing or just brewing a cup of coffee, we’ll keep your electronics powered up.
  • Lights - Light up the night and forget about the blackouts. Through thunderstorms, wind and hail your home will be ready.
  • Heating & Air Conditioning - No one wants that winter chill or muggy summer air to invade their home, right? Keep your HVAC system up and running through power outages.
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Only the Brands You Trust

Both Kohler and Ables have built their reputation on excellence and customer satisfaction. When these companies work together, you can expect only the best equipment and exemplary results.

  • Manufacturer Warranty: Every generator is backed by Kohler’s five year parts warranty. Rest easy knowing your generator has been manufactured to the highest standards ad comes guaranteed to perform like it.
  • Ongoing Support: After installation, annual or biannual maintenance is available from the professionals who know your generator best.
  • Certified Professionals: Each electrician and plumber assigned to install your home generator is a licensed, bonded and insured professional with years of experience and education to prepare him for the task. We never hire subcontractors or unqualified personnel for our jobs.
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