AC Installations & Upgrades

There's nothing like the sweet relief of a cool, dry home on a hot and sticky afternoon. In Southeastern Ohio, air conditioning is much more than a luxury, allowing you a well-deserved, relaxing weekend and peaceful night's sleep. Through an energy efficient, ultra-quiet cooling system, you'll enjoy your home in a whole new way. Refreshing comfort as well improved indoor air quality are not only easily achieved but affordable. When you call Ables, Inc. for air conditioning installation, we provide you the most popular and proven names in manufacturing at the best prices.


Ables, Inc. offers you the greatest selection of hard-working, high-efficient, name brand air conditioners.

Our NATE-certified technicians have the knowledge, skills and experience to size your new system properly. When it comes to heating or cooling your home, bigger isn't a guarantee of better. Overly large units never achieve efficient levels of operation or humidity removal. Because the unit continually cycles on an off, needless stress is placed on components, leading to more frequent repairs and reduced system longevity. When your new cooling system is correctly sized and installed by Ables, Inc. count on fifteen to twenty years of consistent comfort.


At Ables Inc., we deliver solutions to your specific comfort needs. No matter how big or small or style of home, we have a cooling option to satisfy your budget and expectations. Call us at (800) 922-2537 and speak to a live representative of our team. We would be happy to answer any questions, provide information and make recommendations. Ables, Inc. offers free in-home estimates. We endorse only equipment with a proven track record of performance, insisting on reliable efficiency, noise levels, humidity control and longevity. Our goal is to get your home perfectly comfortable as quickly as possible, and keep your family comfortable for as long as possible. By being available to our customers, we eliminate wait-time and maximize satisfaction.