Bucket Pole Truck Services

Ables Service Electrical Bucket Pole Truck Services
Bucket Pole Truck Services

We offer services you won’t find at many of our local competitors. One such service is our extended height bucket and pole truck service. With these extended height trucks, we are able to complete service in areas otherwise unreachable by traditional means. We offer a wide array of bucket truck services from electrical sign installation and maintenance to parking lot and building light installation and maintenance.

Electrical Sign Installation & Maintenance

Does your outdoor sign burn out frequently? Can people clearly see your sign? Let us install and maintain a lighted outdoor sign that shows off your brand and catches the eye.

Our Commercial Lighting Pros are here to help!

Whether you need to schedule maintenance of your existing lights, or considering an upgrade to LED or have a brand new lighting project to discuss we can assist with the design, fixture selection and installation.

Our bucket truck services include but are not limited to:
  • Lighting
    Parking Lot
    Marquee Roadside Signs
  • Exterior Security Cameras
  • Pole Recovery
  • Post-Accident Pole Repairs
  • Overhead Electric Line Construction
  • Material Hauling